Wednesday, February 9, 2011

EVAL of Google ChromeOS Test Computer

Here are my initial impressions of the new Google ChromeOS in Google's ChromeOS Beta test computer I received from Google Monday, Feb. 7, 2011:

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From: Martin Klaver at
February 9, 2011

First Impressions after two days exclusive use:

As a senior techie who helps seniors use computers to keep connected---as mobility, vision and hearing diminish---the following is my view. (Seniors stand stand to benefit from computers more from this OS and laptop more than any other segment of the population IF designed for them.)

Senior Needs:

support for reading, hearing, communicating, buying, handling finances, getting help, easy access to media


After two days with no other computer than the CR-48, here are my impressions.


webos “tuning” via icon bookmarks is great,most like a radio, and therefore more to the point than the alternatives of searching and finding
long battery life is great and essential---the user should not always be looking for an outlet
zoom of text is essential for most seniors
a loud internal speaker is essential for half of those 75 and older
chicklet keys are fine
exclusive cloud access is sufficient and really a benefit
cloud use avoids many os confusion problems for seniors, data loss, viruses, and so on
no printer setup needed


touchpad a bit too sensitive---I adjusted it and added a mouse
a dozen basic web apps should be preloaded
need a closer to kindle or book size (seniors love the Kindle)
therefore, keyboard should be full size but only q-p width
keyboard should toggle to alphabetical layout for nontypists
the weight needs to be less
Google Docs response is a bit slow, a bit too sensitive
need less gingerbread at top of screen except when cursor moves to top of screen
documents need iPad GMail feature to list EMails at left and display selected EMails at right
printing setup still a bit awkward


toggle to alphabet keyboard from qwerty for those who cannot type and don't know qwerty
bluetooth (hearing benefits to seniors)
GPS (seniors use GPS more than any other tech)
cell phoning
use tmobile unlimited data
low price for seniors
senior “tips” easily displayed
no fingerprints on keytops
delet key

Puzzled About:

webcam purpose and use
internal memory access
data plans

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