Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why Cloud Computing?

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Why is cloud computing the buzz word these days, and why should we care?

Cloud computing is running your applications, such as word processing, from afar, the cloud. The cloud consists of all those other computers out there and their interconnections.

In cloud computing you, and many others, run your work from a single distant computer which holds the intelligence to do your work and your documents, too.

But isn’t that what we escaped when microcomputers first freed us from mainframes and control which excluded us from access, usually by accounting entities, which considered computers for accounting only.

Some critics have even pointed out that cloud computing does not do even as much as before.

Yes, but times have changed.

Instead of having millions of computers running many versions of programs on millions of computers, all subject to problems, would it not be better for us all to run from a single remote computer at the same time, always up to date, and protected from data loss, viruses, frequent interruptions from updates, and breakdowns?

And, best of all, with all that processing power somewhere else, then with our very cheap computer?

Just two days ago a power surge crashed my computer and nearly completed tax return. I did have a backup of my data, but the tax preparing software was gone. I had to reinstall the operating system.

Would not have happened with the cloud. Remote computers are much more reliable.

Next time my taxes will be done from the cloud. Much of the data I need is there already. Mint accounting already gets my info and even budgets my expenses directs from banks without any input from me!!

Cloud computing is simply the future. Does not mean your laptop is obsolete---it can use cloud computing. But no more installation discs and big hard drives.

My prototype cloud computer from Google is elegant and small and does not need Microsoft, Apple, or any other support. It is lightweight and connects from anywhere, even a cornfield. It has no easily damaged parts such as a spinning hard drive. In anything happens to it, any other computer can bring up the same stuff, and in an instant.

The promise of cloud computing is to do away with many of the problems of the past, always be up to date, and bring down costs. Best of all, cheap cloud computers are coming. They are starting production in China.


  1. I don't like the idea of trusting everything to some entity in the cloud which may have its own priorities. I'm not crazy about voluntarily giving anyone that much control over things that are important to me. I do use dropbox and iDisk though. They are very useful, but while I'm willing to use the cloud for storage, I'm not ready to use it for applications too.

  2. Enjoying some of your postings re: keeping seniors connected.

    In the posting on cloud computing we’d like to add a note about data backup. We think that keeping an additional copy of your important data on site is important for security and peace of mind. By important data, we mean banking and other financial info such as investment and tax related. Other data, such as contact information for family and friends, member lists for various organizations you’re involved with, family trees and more needs to be considered.

    We have been writing a weekly newspaper column on computers and technology for 14+ years; our mission is to encourage people to take advantage of technology to make life easier and more fun. The column is reflected in our web site at and our Tech Window Blog at

    We’ve enjoyed watching the delight that many people, especially seniors, find when they learn to use technology in new and interesting ways in their life. Keep at it.

    Norma & Tony On Technology

  3. Interesting comments above!! These address the basic concerns that we not put our data or appsin just one place, and under someone else's control or even their lack of control. While we often do that very thing with our finances---bank accounts, and so forth, the points are well made. Keep your paper financial records in more than one place, too!!