Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Internet "Pipeline"

Today it came out that Comcast was starting live online TV of cable offerings via Internet, (CNN first).   The Philadelphia Inquirer then announced introduction of cheap Android devices to read the paper as opposed to the paper editions which cost them more.   Borders announced its closing altogether.

The trend is thus uniformly towards Internet, and away from paper and older technology.

Now, there are those who say they don’t use Internet and are not affected, but they said that about HD TV, too.  This time more is at stake.  Vastly more is available on internet than on books, TV, and newspapers!

That is why the choice of internet service, and the size of your “pipeline”  is important.  That pipeline is measured in mbps.     For any TV you need up to 3 mbps or more.    That is a hundred times that of not long ago.

Then, the choice is set top box is critical.    Such a box, which addresses both TV and Internet almost transparently together, is desirable, even without a computer.    The TIVO box is that device, and I will have an evaluation of it shortly.    

Meanwhile, consider that the choice of internet service can be even more important than your TV service in the future.

As all this progresses, I have, of course, been evaluating TIVO and of services in the WV community.    So far, CNN comes in well to iPad from Clear’s hotbox and Windstream DSL, also quite well in the public areas such as the dining room areas via iPod Touch.

HD, however, both 720p and 1080i have had the hiccups on Windstream.   Comcast promises far faster internet of 12 mpbs, as compared with 3 and 5, but Comcast is variable and last week fell to 1.5 for one resident, though quickly corrected.  

Of course, channel choices and costs are important in selecting TV service, but internet service will become increasingly important even to those who never though they would want HD a few years ago, and don’t know yet what Internet offers today.

Footnote: This morning CNN was fine via Clear but halting via Windstream compared to steady last night.

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