Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TV Changes

With more and more TV on internet, and big TV service changes coming, I am evaluating all the options. So far, use of the TIVO set-top box to access internet TV, as well as cable, with one remote is cheap and really impressive. I will have more about it as time goes on. The bottom line is that the TIVO vastly increases what is available on TV. I will have a detailed posting on how to set the TIVO up, covering any hassles. Pretty straighforward, though. For now, I only needed to boost the power on my wireless router, (simple, with the help of DSL provider Windstream). So far, using the cheapest internet service at a mere 3mbps (7-7-2011: but with hiccups on full HDTV, which suggests that more speed is needed).

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