Sunday, September 11, 2011

What is a Computer?

What is a computer?   The question comes up from time to time.

I sometimes get described as a computer/PC user/teacher with a missionary zeal.   Thanks, but no.  

Actually I am a tech guy who is always looking for the most appropriate tools, whatever they may be.   It is not so much the tool that interests me as the problem and solution.   I often do not recommend a PC.    One resident here says the ONLY device a senior should use is an iPad.

That comes from working with individuals users directly, one-on-one.  The biggest complaint from users: why does it need to be so complicated?  What will WORK for me?

It doesn't need to be complicated to be a computer.     New devices, both more specialized and more converging, work better.     So often I see a senior trying to use a cast-off device under a great handicap.

I don't classify devices by type at all, I look for the best tool.  I don't care what people call it    Kindles, smartphones, TIVOs, and so on, are all computers, just with a specialized function.     All the devices with processors are computers if you look up definitions in any dictionary or encyclopedia.  .   No definition confines computers to PCs and/or Macs, which are an older type of computer with a keyboard.   Newer are smartphones, getting bigger all the time.

Check out the definitions.   Look for the best tool for the job.    Also, the best all-round computer for some might be a ChromeBook.    Then, there is that new color Kindle 7" Android device.    For seniors, the Telikin.  

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