Friday, December 23, 2011

Firing Up for Exercise

For years I have used an mp3 player to take the monotony out of exercise.    A little $30 player holds my old LPs and CDs, 50 of each.   It is nice to have them all when I want.     But by now I have heard them hundreds of times.

Suppose I could listen to almost anything at any time, in stereo, without wires, and with the best possible sound.   Suppose I could read nearly any book with the same device.    Suppose I could do all of it...anywhere.  Suppose I could access almost any radio station in the world.

I would need wifi, which WV has supplied throughout this community.   The access points are in the ceiling in central areas such as the library and lobby.  There is also access in the Vitality Center exercise room, although it never worked for my wifi equipped cell phone

I looked at the Kindle Fire wistfully.    It has no bluetooth, but I remembered I had an old Jabra headphone bluetooth adapter I had used with an old Nokia N800, now obsolete...

If you need to make it all work, let me know in comments below.       There are a few tricks to get it all working.

The Fire makes better use of time when exercising.    I put the Fire where convenient and exercise with wifi wireless headphones.   Now all that old music comes to life again that I have not heard for so many years.

Fire away, Kindle Fire.    Does the Fire suggest the computer of the future, albeit the addition of mic, camera, and keyboard.   Do most of us need anything else than this perfect size?

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