Friday, January 13, 2012

For Seniors Just Learning to Use Computers

 In my enthusiasm for the Kindle Fire I have neglected seniors new to computers.

Here at WV Kindle Fires are multiplying.    As this happens, I get the question "What should I get for a computer?   Depends on what you want to do, of course.

At this point, if you do much writing, you will still need a laptop.    For "newbies" I favor the Apple MacBook Air, even though I am too cheap to get one.    Also, I have simply put up with the too frequent problems of PCs.   Apple has outstanding support, especially at their stores.   New users need that.

Next is Dell, which offers good hardware support.

Here at Willow Valley, you could also just use the computers in the Kiosks throughout the campuses.  WiFi in the public areas is also a service provided to all residents without added cost.

However, if you want to access media, such as books and media, the Kindle Fire is the smart choice.   Whatever it lacks, such as phoning, can be provided by a no-contract prepaid $30 a month smartphone phone from Walmart, with full text and data access.

(Note that, in this technically advanced community, wireless access is provided from overhead access points tthroughout  it so that you can "keep connected".   These have been upgraded in the last month for easy use for eBook Readers.)

In a year or less, more options will appear, so when you buy now, also plan for later.