Saturday, January 14, 2012

Where To?

As I work with those who expand their use of computers, and as I learn their problems, and seek solutions, I also ponder where our society is going.  Others also ponder and call my attention to where we may be headed.

 So, often discussions come back to education, the need and the effects.    Few larger problems can be solved without education.    The connection of computers to education is central.

It was Steve Jobs of Apple Computer who initiated a resource which is hardly tapped:  iTunes University.    Another resource is Kahn Academy.      These show the way.

iTunes U is now available as an app for iPad/iPhone/Touch.   This makes it all easy.   You are presented with a bookshelf to which you click to add add courses.  Simple   Actually the courses can be added to the Kindle Fire with an application called iSyncr.    What next?