Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google Steps Ahead with the New Nexus 7 Tablet

Google announced today its own advanced tablet computer, the Nexus 7, at $199.   This device is sold only directly online by Google.  This tablet device looks exactly like the Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Tap or Click for Google Nexus 7.

This impressive Google device opens up the full potential of a small tablet computer, which had been quite  limited with the Kindle Fire (and which may or may not be download updated in the future by Amazon to compete, and/or while the price of the Fire may drop).   The Nexus 7 activates many features Amazon did not choose to activate, and adds many new features not available for the Kindle Fire.

If size and mobility and cost are important, and they are, the extended capabilities of the Nexus should also counter the otherwise impressive but expensive and bulky iPad 3 in the marketplace.

Having seen what the operating system can do on an unfettered computer, I ordered the Nexus 7 within five minutes after it was announced, on the basis of what I am confident it may do for seniors.

Portability is paramount.  Even the case of a small device is important.    You need to be able to pull it out quickly, use it, and put it away in short spaces of time.   Otherwise you may not use it a lot.   Google offers a protective case, but other choices will appear.

Google's presentation was much like an Apple presentation.     Apple and Google and Amazon all need to protect their existing businesses and are reaching out for as much more of the huge media and publishing market as they can possibly get.   We will see more innovation, such as in the MK802 (see my previous posting)..    Microsoft is still lagging behind.

Meanwhile, what really counts is not which tablet you choose, but what will help you do what you need to do---and more important, will need soon in the future.

Google threw everything into this but the kitchen sink, like voice browsing, and voice document creation offline.     

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Look Ma - No PC

Now that the most widely used smartphone system has been upgraded to Android 4.03 to run pretty much everything on your tablet, including Chrome browser and Windows Word and Excel,  we may be able to do without our PC, tower or laptop, using one of either two new devices.

The first is a "pc-stick" drive which connects in-between you keyboard and TV and substitutes for your desktop.   The other is a thin ultra laptop lookalike which "piggybacks to 3g/4g" thru your smartphone.  Neither requires a PC or Windows or Mac OS.

Tao or Click for the first.  Costs $74 with all cables, and shipping.

Tap or Click for the next  Price not set.