Monday, April 1, 2013

Apple and Windows Drop the Ball

Sometimes you forget, when fighting alligators, that your mission was to drain the swamp.

Accordingly, though my mission is to empower seniors with new tech, the last ten requests for help did not advance that objective.

Four were complaints that the local Park City Apple store was not providing support.  When some seniors got there for help, they felt intimidated.

Four were to remove Windows malware.  For safety, that means re-installing the operating system, and takes many hours.

Two were to grapple with Windows 8, and its whole new "tablet" overlay.

All came from seasoned users.

What to do?----Clearly find a better way.

When it takes less than five minutes to install a lookalike for Windows or turn your TV into a computer with a PC Stick, alternatives are promising.

These alternatives do away with, for example, the exposure to the sieve of vulnerability from the JAVA programming language used since 1995 for both Apple and Windows (excepting tablets such as the iPad).

Then, when tablets do away with most of the above woes, and offer more easy functionality, it is worthwhile investing the time to learn to use one.

Keep posted!!!

Meanwhile tap or click for help from AARP.

or here to learn about Android.

For your old computer, tap or click for a better way to use it.