Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Cheapest Fastest, and Best Tools

Over time, I work with many users and many computing devices. I get to learn what people really need to do their thing and avoid staying mired in the complexities of the computers of the past.

Most need just two devices, a simple smartphone and a tablet or laptop. But NOT last year's smartphone or tablet.

The $150-180 Moto G smartphone, for example, is big enough to read easily yet small enough to carry anywhere, and available with plans from: $5 to $50 a month. It is a mini tablet, yet easier for phoning than the so called the simple phones of the past.

The $200-300 Hewlett Packard Chromebook 14 laptop is lightning fast and a blast to use, while also being state of art, light, and tough, hand as capable as any other laptop out there, whatever the operating system.

Both simply erase the complexities and aggravations of the devices of the past.

For those who may need extra help, the stunning $300-$500 iPad is the device of choice, even though it lacks a true keyboard and is not really very conveniently portable.

So who needs anything else, especially those old clunky computers and operating systems of the past?

The HP can even run Linux. That's the basic system used to run Internet itself.

So throw out that old stuff and remove the barriers between what you really want to do and the clunky tools of the past

It's worth learning how to use the new tech, and a lot of fun.

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