Saturday, August 30, 2014

Setting up a Printer with a Chromebook

Setting up a printer with a Chromebook is actually easier than setting it up on Windows up to Windows 8.

If you have an old printer you can set it up on Windows.

If your printer is cloud ready, it will be automatically set up from the printer itself.

(The printer displays ID information which is then transmitted to the cloud to register the printer from your Chromebook browser)

If Bluetooth ready, the printer will also require an adapter an adapter for that particular printer, such as Hewlett-Packard or Canon.

I sold two old printers on eBay for $90 apiece and replaced them with a new cloud ready printer from Brother at $50.

I have not set it up because my internet service here at  Willow Valley has been down for a few days.

That is a good reason to have an alternative such as Freedompop, which I will use if the service is not restored in a few days.

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