Saturday, August 23, 2014

Why the Chromebook is better

The Chromebook is better than Windows for seniors who use keyboards . Why is that so?

The Chromebook gets the job done simply and quickly without the hassles and huge investment of time to keep things running as with Windows.

Chromebooks are laptops which are easily portable and work well with a large display too. They do not have the typical fragile mechanical hard drive of Windows.

Schools and businesses are shifting to them and Chromebooks are taking an increasing share of the market.

Chromebooks avoid the many hassles and costs of Windows. Windows is a Swiss Army knife which can do many things but only at the cost of a lot more complexity and support.

When things go wrong with Windows, for example, millions of computers must be sent updates and must be updated while with Chromebooks a single change in one place instantly updates the system for all computers.

Recently a Windows update had to be recalled from millions and millions of computers and Microsoft Office was found to crash easily.

With the Chromebook any such change can be made instantly centrally in one place and instantly effective for all Chromebooks.

Viruses abound with Windows. The user is faced with constant delays of one sort or another.

With Windows things are constantly changing so that you need to scrap old and buy  and learn new.

With the Chromebook, the user is not required to use all kinds of technical software  nostrums to keep things running.

When a computer crashes your data is kept locally and is not lost as in Windows. A user can go to any other Chromebook and keep on working.

Data is kept like dollars in a bank like environment and not vulnerable locally as in your mattress.

Chromebooks are not bogged down with the necessity of running hundreds of processes required by Windows.

They also take advantage of distant super computers to get the job done quickly.

Chromebooks especially run extremely fast and have long battery lives. Because they are so simple, they are inexpensive.

They can do nearly everything a Windows computer can do with very few exceptions easily done in better ways. Nowadays they can even do office tasks offline. They can even run Windows Office on subscription.

Applications are free and are automatically installed quickly.

If you have ever used a computer with a keyboard and require a keyboard, a Chromebook will be a natural for you.

If you need help with computing an alternative is an Apple device. Apple devices are what Windows computers should have been.

They are expensive, of course, but are worth the price if you need help. An Apple iPad might be all you need.

If you are a technical expert and have technical needs you may be best advised to use Linux, an alternative. Surprisingly, Linux can be run on Chromebooks.

With any computer nowadays you do need a good fast wireless connection as with tablets.
My two Chromebook computers are the Acer C 720 and the HP Chromebook 14. Find information on both, with many comments, from Amazon.

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