Wednesday, November 5, 2014

PC Dead - What Next?

If your PC has quit, what are your choices, from least cost up?

Here at Willow Valley you could go to a Kiosk and use a community computer at no cost.

If the hardware is OK and you have the original system disc, you could reinstall the operating system.

Or you could install a Windows lookalike CD such as Zorin Lenox, free.

If you have a smartphone, you could switch to that for most of what you do.

For $100 you could switch over to a tablet, such as from HP or Amazon.

For $200 you could buy a Chromebook, or newer, an HP, Acer, or Asus Windows laptop. The latest upgrades simplify the navigation annoyances users originally experienced.

You could plug in a laptop in place of an old tower, or Chromebox.

At $500 you could plug in a Mac Mini and get free support.

Or you could switch over to an iPad such as the iPad Air.

The last two are compelling choices if you need help.

No need to spend a lot anymore.

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