Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Windows Phone Apps Listed

For those just now starting with a smartphone, shifting from, or adding, another phone, the following Windows phone apps should cover most of the basic functions of other more widely selling phones.   If you install all of them, you will want to add SD memory and transfer a portion of them to that added memory.    The same or alternative apps should provide a similar library of functions specific to Windows tablets and laptops.

AirPlayer+, Alarms, Amazon App, Amazon Kindle, Apps for Google, AppSwitch, Audible, Audiobooks, Battery, Battery Saver, BBC News, Bloomberg, Bookvizer Reader, Brother iPrint&Scan, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Casts, Cloud File Explorer, CNET, CNN News, Copilot GPS, Cortana Ctrl C,Dictate!, Dictation Station, eBay, Ebook Reader, ePub reader, Evernote, Facebook, FBReader, File Manager, Files, Flipboard, FM radio, Freda, GDocs, Gdrive, Gmail, Google Mail, Google Maps, Google Plus, Google Search Pro, gooroovster, GPS Voice Navigation, Internet Explorer, JW ePub Reader, Lancaster Online, Libby, Maps, Media Explorer, Messaging, Memo for Cortana, Metro File Manager, Metrotube, Music, Music Player, NBC News, News, News Reader for BBC, News Republic, Nextgen Reader, Office, Office Lens, Old Reader, OneDrive, oovoo Video Call, OverDrive, Pandora, PDF Reader, People, Photos, Podcast Lounge, Podcasts, Poki for Pocket, Pouch, QR Reader, Read Later, Reader4Books, Skype, Songza, SpeechTrans Dictation, Speedtest, Switch to Windows Phone, The Guardian, Top task List, TuneIn Radio, Twitter, TWIT View, Viber, video, VLC, Wallet, Weather, WAZE, WeatherBug, Weave News Reader, Wikipedia, Wunderlist, YouTube

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