Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Why bother with Windows 10?

Why use Windows at all?

Nowadays there are plenty of alternatives for everything most of us need to do.

But there are also plenty of reasons to use the new Windows 10.

So what are the pros and cons?

Windows has been around for a long time, and Windows 10 is very much improved over all previous versions.

It has been reengineered to run on minimal hardware.

It will run on a very inexpensive $150 laptop and much old equipment. It is a free upgrade for older equipment.

Most important, it can run some of the best software out there for special purposes.
If you are writing or publishing a book it will run Scrivener. If you are an avid reader, it will run Calibre. These applications organize what you are doing better than others.

Most of us will simply use Word or Kindle for these purposes. Both are wanting when push comes to shove. These can run almost on any system whereas Scrivener and Calibre cannot.

So those are compelling reasons to use Windows 10.

So why not use Windows 10? What are the negatives?

If you need help or simpler and more easy to use software just avoid Windows.

If you are paranoid about privacy, avoid Windows.

If you fear viruses avoid Windows unless you take measures to keep safe. That means keeping sensitive data off your computer or encrypted.

Let me emphasize that it is dangerous to keep sensitive data on your computer whether connected to internet or not. Better to keep that data on the cloud, just as it is better to keep your money in the bank than under your bed.

Encryption is safe. Virtual private networks are used to keep it that way. You can use one too.

Weigh the alternatives and use what works best for you and for those around you. If you do expose yourself to viruses, you can bring down other computers and the common network they are using. You can expose others to theft of their personal information.

Or do like me. Use Windows 10 when you need to and otherwise not.

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