Monday, December 28, 2015

Alternative WiFi

With their new Kindle Fire 7 5 tablet, users are asking what to do about getting Wi-Fi cheaply.

There is free Wi-Fi in the public areas, of course, but sometimes it is unreliable, and it is not available free  in apartments here.

Indeed, it costs $$ to provide the necessary hardware, along with the monthly fee, and even then may not be reliable. If there are problems you need to go out and hire an outside consultant at $100 per hour or more.

It is sort of like if you were served bad food in the dining room, it would be up to you to find out why and correct it.

A so called hot spot is an alternative. This device connects directly to cell towers without a router and Wi-Fi access point and without installation expense.

The Freedompop hotspot costs $80 with no contract and inexpensive plans.

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