Thursday, May 19, 2016

No Help Desk at IT Here

Here in Happy Valley there is every imaginable type of service, very often easily accessed

but no HELP DESK!!!.

For example, let’s say, Happy Valley IT hooks you up to internet physically and after that If things don't work that is your problem, you are on your own from there on out.   You can go to a hit-or-miss outside service and $100 an hour or call Happy Valley’s internet provider direct.   

(Then later IT will say they never heard of any problems.)   

So where do you go for help?

(For connectivity you could go to Comcast but it is the same old cabling system which is obsolete as determined by Happy Valley's internet provider.    Hopefully Happy Valley will soon connect to Verizon’s fiber optic network or Lancaster City’s own network or switch to wireless from its existing provider.)

So what about a HELP DESK for everything else?

For Apple there are abundant resources, ofherwise...

Think about just try asking internet in your browser.  Put the question to internet just as if you were asking a person for help.

Then try some of these:
Tom's Hardware
How Stuff Works
PC Magazine
PC World
Make Use Of
The Tech Guy
Geek Squad



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