Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Smartphone Folders Keep You Well Connected

For those gingerly about starting to use computers to keep better connected as they grow older, I invariably recommend an iPad along with Apple training and support plans.

For others, even longtime users of Windows, I recommend simply a smartphone for everything.

I recommend a smartphone simply because it is the easiest and quickest to use to get things done.

Getting it ready to use efficiently, however, though, requires some forethought.

What you want to do is to be able to whip out the phone quickly, pick what you want to do, and get on with it.    Everything you need should be accessible with two taps from the first screen you see.

For that you need folders identified with icons. There are lots of ways to go about this, but here are a few.

You need a folder for Searches Google Chrome, Opera Explorer, Wikipedia, and so on.

Then you need a program for Reading such as newspapers Library and so forth.

Or you might go about setting up folders for Amazon and Google. The Amazon folder would include Amazon shopping Kindle music and cell on it. The Google folder would include the Google app.

Or you might have a folder for Buying.

Other folders need to include Music or Listening and for Media such as YouTube.

Have a folder for Accounts.

You could have stand-alone icons for Gmail and for Calendar that you use frequently.

I have s yeah yeah I didn't say anything about the futureelf standing icons for Alexa and for  Kindle Library.

Then there is a folder for Writing to include Pocket and Evernote and word processing.

Populate the folders as you use more and more apps.

(There is no reason you could not have the same apps appearing in several folders.)

Once filters are set up, all you then need to do is tap the folder and then the app to get you wherever you need to go In an instant.

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