Saturday, November 19, 2016

MS Office

My issue with Microsoft Windows is that there are too many bear traps in it for those who do not take the time to learn in detail just how to use it.

That applies especially to Microsoft Office.  No one should use it without at least reading a book on how to use it, and better taking a course in it.

I say that with experience.   I have struggled through writing and publishing two books in Microsoft Word, finally successfully.   I had to go back and learn how to do it right by the time I got to the second book.

So if you are going to use Windows, and particularly, Microsoft Office, do your homework up front before you get into deep trouble.

I have seen half a dozen people get into difficulty without doing the spadework in advance.

The alternative is to use a more capable, more forgiving word processor.  I highly recommend Scrivener. Or just do it in Google Docs, but read Google’s help pages first. Or, Tap or click for how to do it.

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