Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What? Buy old Tech back?

I sold my Boombox and LP player years ago.

But just today I bought a new Boombox and LP player.


Why would anyone do that?

Well, the whole situation has changed again.

When I learned I could make CDs cheaply for the car, and realized I could not play them at home, it seemed reasonable to have a player at home since my laptops and tablets and smartphones do not have one.

Then I found that new CD player could be very small and portable and work also as a Bluetooth remote speaker.

Not only that, it could play datafiles as well as the typical CD audio file. That meant putting a lot more on a CD.

Actually I had created such CDs as backup for my entire music collection some years ago.

The player can also be programmed with a playlist.

And all this could be had for $40.

Even cheaper was a new LP player. My few remaining 78s could be recorded and digitized, too.

With with old LPs being widely discarded, it is easy to pick them up at little or no cost and even digitize them.

The two devices I used are Jensen products.

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