Friday, May 26, 2017

Choosing a cell phone

Choosing a cell phone can be challenging for a senior.

Sometimes a simple non-smartphone has a special appeal because it is thought to be easier to use.

However we believe that a smartphone is easier to use once you master it.
That is true nowadays because most things can be done just by voice.

Example: "Call Sam".

So here is how to master it.

Here is a video from Consumer Cellular about a smartphone we particularly like, the Moto G 4.  Excellent cheaper phones are the Moto E and Moto G.

In any event, read the manual online before you buy.  Just do a Google search for it.

All that being said, telephoning is giving way to less intrusive and more effective and efficient methods of communicating and getting information.    Voice texting is easy and does not bother anyone who may be busy otherwise.    Sharing saves a lot of repetition.   And so on.    There is a wider world accessible with a smartphone.

With a smartphone you can eschew physical buttons most of the time.  That looks like the future.

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