Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cramming Apps on an Smartphone with Limited Memory...

Cramming apps on an Smartphone with limited Memory...

It is the choice of apps which make the smartphone most useful, and my postings about those choices have been among the most popular postings I have written.

The choices have changed over the years, as I have used the phone, and better apps have become available.

I have one set of apps for my oldest phone, with the least available internal memory, and another exhaustive set of apps where I have virtually unlimited space.

The older phone is a Moto E with very limited space and a very small screen.    I have squeezed a lot of apps into a very small space.  

Apps are divided into three categories:  Google Apps which are grouped together in a folder under one icon,  the rest of essential apps installed (listed below) from Google Play Store, and a large number of apps from Hermit.   

Hermit enables you to install apps without taking up much internal space and also enlarges the print for easy reading.  Most Hermit apps were pre-configured by Hermit, and the rest were created by me with Hermit from URLs.

I use only a single home screen with just 14 icons

These essential app icons are Chrome, Camera, Calendar, Phone, one icon for a group of Google apps above, the Play Store icon, then these icons:  Amazon Music, Hermit, Overdrive, and Onleihe, The Old Reader, Waze, Wunderlist, Pandora, and my SanDisk Wireless Stick app with a bunch of music, phoptos and books accessible from the stick.

Onleihe is the German Portal to German libraries.

The Google icon and folder includes Gmail,  Google Maps, Play Music, Play Movies, Play Books, Play Newsstand, Google Drive, YouTube, Hangouts, Calendar, and Google Docs.

Hermit includes the largest number of apps as follows: CBS News, Mobile Reuters, Reuters TV, Amazon, eBay, Gmail,, Dropbox, NPR, BusinessWeek, Mobile New York Times, MSN News, YouTube, CBS News, NPR, Google News, Skype, Wikipedia, Pocket, WeatherBug. Evernote. TWiT TV and the Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

In the library are also Kindle, Clean Master, AutoSpeaker,  SpeedTest,  Volume in Notifications. Google Plus, Contacts.

All those apps still leave a gigabyte free for working memory.   A reminder is that to conserve space it is always possible to load lesser-used apps only when needed and uninstall them when done.

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