Thursday, August 31, 2017

Linux on an Old PC/Laptop

Some version of Linux will work on your old PC or laptop.

But not all versions of distros of Linux.

You see,  Linux is really a  generic name for a variety of versions of Linux which are called distros. They vary widely in capability.   They vary widely in speed in use.

Each distro contains a selection of Linux code to achieve specified objectives.

Consequently, some distros of Linux place heavy demands on hardware whereas others do not.     

Having used many distros, I can recommend Zorin especially for old devices.    Another very popular distro is Knoppix, which runs fast despite broad capabilities.    

Another fine distro  Linux Mint,  places heavy demands on hardware and may not run as well.      Its wide capabilities will only be brought out with up-to-date hardware.

If all you need is simply a good fast browser like Chrome and an office suite you can run offline,  all you need is Zorin  or comparable distro of Linux to bring back the main capabilities of Windows XP.

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