Sunday, December 3, 2017

Getting Computer Help

The computer is a do-it-yourself instrument.   The computer is just a tool.      It is the hammer and saw to get the job done.

The mission of those helping others with computers is simply to help others learn how to do it and use the tool for themselves.

If someone wants someone else to do computing work for them using a computer, thatcomplicates the task of getting the job done altogether.

Such a prtcess introduces a complication.  There now needs to be a lot of intercommunication.   Takes a lot of time.     It is always easier to do it yourself.

Doing it yourself does require preparation end the use of all the resources available, of which there are many.

Classes,  books,  videos,  one-on-one sessions,  and more.

In learning difficult computer related tasks,  such as programming, I found it most useful to sit and observe the programmer without interfering or commenting at all,  simply observing.

Nowadays such a process of learning can be done by  watching a YouTube video.     Simply pick your task and look for the best YouTube video.

If there is no time to leafn, then do it the old non-computer way.

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