Thursday, October 22, 2020

Better Hearing with Better Sound

Staying away from exposure to covid-19 plus also a renovation of our living quarters both launched me on a pursuit of better sound.

As good as they were I needed to do away with old bookshelf speakers which required an amplifier, along with wires.

I needed a small and portable and unobtrusive solution. Sound is better as you get closer to the source.

Technology has newly offered some remarkable improvements and what can be had at a low price.

The Echo Dot series 3 was a starter.  These dropped as low as $19 a piece as the new series for was introduced.

Not only do these connect you to Amazon Echo but they are valuable without Amazon Echo

They can be mounted with an adapter directly on the wall in multiple places.

They can receive Bluetooth or send Bluetooth to other speakers.

The Oontz series from Cambridge Soundworks are also small and portable to where you are listening.  I find their sound remarkable, and as good or better than a larger system much further away.

Even smaller and still remarkable are tiny Fiodio resistant speakers  Modek F-130.

We're talking about very small and very low priced technology.

You really don't need the big bulky equipment of the past, however good it was.

And it costs very little to try it out, less than $30.

So where does this all get me?

I can go anywhere in the apartment and to any speaker and access any of the sources of music or audio directly.

That includes everything from my old digitized 78s and 33s plus everything from Amazon and Pandora and Google and also have any of my books read to me.

The highest quality sound at the least possible cost.

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