Friday, October 30, 2020

Internet Joins Together What Covid19 Divides

While Covid-19 divides us, internet is bringing us together.

Indeed Covid-19 is the driving force now behind the growth in the use of computers.

That was brought home to me by a phone call from a friend in another retirement community.

A resident there had resisted use of computers all together until recently she could not get to a doctor's appointment without having a cell phone to be notified when she could enter the office.

The question from the other community had to do with the least cost cell phone plan.

So with Covid-19 it is very difficult to get on without computers and internet.

New users actually benefit by not needing to unlearn the old ways of using computers.

Like Windows.  No need for that complexity anymore.

Recent advances have made the iPhone an iPad even more easy to use than before.

Apple has now concentrated on easing navigation.

The new iPhone and iPad smart stack makes it easier than ever to get around and find what you need. And the latest iPad comes in at just $249.

Not only that, but all the features of online TV come easily to these devices.

WatchNews Pro lets me watch all the networks for just $5 a month.

Full subscriptions to NBC and CBS are just about the same price each but extend access.

Apple News gives me access to a huge bundle of publications for $10 a month.

Then there are plenty of advertising based sources of movies at no cost at all.

Computer shopping cuts the cost of going to stores.

Email and video meetings are free.

I really don't need cable anymore.

So now computing and internet are finally coming into their own for everyone.

Not sure how to use all these new tools? Just learn how to search for tutorials on internet and especially YouTube.

And don't forget to forget the old ways.

Oh, except the library, now online at home for all your books and media, even read to you out loud.

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