Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hanging in there with Windows

Windows 8 navigation problems just about destroyed Windows.

Here are some easy tips for the newer Windows 8.1 for those who still want to hang in there with it as opposed to going to slicker Apple and Android systems.

Windows can be pretty nice. Windows is the jack of all trades.
Use the Windows key frequently to toggle back and forth between the familiar old desktop screen and the new Modern tiles screen.

If you are new to Windows, or computers all together, keep to the Modern screen.

Always close all applications immediately after you are done with them by swiping down from the top of the screen to the bottom or dragging your mouse down the same way.

Search from the Modern screen by simply typing and without doing anything else. Windows will know that you want to search.

Scroll right and left across the tile screen, and within apps, across pages by swiping right or left or by using the mouse roller.

If you fear viruses, be sure to use a router, or and even better two routers in series, one plugged into the USB port of the other where available . I use a $35 main router and plug in an old Netgear router to it that I bought for $5.  That will keep hackers at bay.

If you do not have Windows 8.1 already, to keep costs down, just buy a new Windows 8 tablet for less than $100 or a laptop at less than $150. It will be upgradeable to Windows 10 with lots of improvements, especially under the surface.

Save the rest of your budget for a cheap smartphone under $100 with a cheap plan.

Seniors need more information and more resources just to get along and survive. The info and resources are out there, you just need to get to them.

The smartphone is the easiest and best and most convenient gateway to get answers to all those questions you really need to be able to maintain your independence as your grow older.

Don't be without one. Any of the major ones will do.

Dictated from the device I use the most these days, my little Moto G smartphone from Republic Wireless, my little key to the kingdom of what I need to know.