Friday, January 29, 2016

How to read the news

It might seem simple to read the news on your device, but in fact, it is a very complicated set of choices.

For example, if you want to be able to read the New York Times, you have a number of choices.

You could read the news on the New York Times blog very inexpensively, updated every 4 hours, but only on the Kindle Paperwhite.

For $20 a month you could read it on your other devices by subscribing through Amazon.

Or for $10 a month you  could subscribe to it on Google Newsstand but only on Android devices.

Of course, the benefit of Internet is being able to read your news on many different devices and from many different news sources.

Depending on the subject, I choose what I consider to be the best source.
Starting with the free sources, I go to Google News and newly MSN News, both of which aggregate news from other sources.  These are available as apps and also as web pages accessible from your browser.

It is important to look both at apps and web pages for news.

One of the nicest sources these days is CBS news video online 24/7. It is available both as an app and web page.   A popular web source is NPR 1.

You can also get the news emailed to you by the New Yorker and Apple.

If you are up to it the best source of news is none of the above but Calibre. 
Running only on Windows, Linux, & Mac,  it is the ultimate source.

You can use Calibre either as a server to all of your devices for on only just one.
Calibre will update and organize from almost every source, the catch being that your device must be on all the time.

Short of using Calibre, you need a Kindle with Kindle Newsstand and an Android with Google Newsstand to access all and at the least cost.