Monday, August 31, 2015

Upgrade to Windows 10 NOW

I have never been a real fan of Windows for seniors simply because I don't want to see them bogged down in maintenance and thereby lose the  benefits of computing. Use of a computer can mean all the difference in finding good health care  resources, for example.

So Seniors have other things to attend to and need to have an easy way to use the computer. There are plenty  of alternatives to Windows.

BUT if you are willing to do the maintenance then by all means go to Windows 10 NOW.   It is the most capable of all systems.   It is a major step forward.   It cures a lot of ills.  It is an easy upgrade to do.

Maintenance also includes taking those measures to protect the security of your information since Windows is not constructed to do that for you. You cannot rely on Windows to keep your data safe.

That maintenance includes upgrading and updating. You must do all upgrades as new security exposures occur almost every day. That includes Windows 10. Windows 10 is an upgrade.   Most of the changes are behind the scenes to provide a more friendly and reliable system.

It makes no sense at all to stick with an earlier more limited version..    Windows 10 is free and you can even switch back easily with 30 days.

When you do upgrade to Windows 10 you will suddenly find that you have a lot less maintenance to do and far fewer problems. Windows 10 fixes a whole host of problems of the past.

Every computer I have upgraded runs better and more safely than it did before.

Note: If you not know how to protect your sensitive information, either keep it off Windows, learn how to do so, or use an alternative system..