Monday, January 19, 2009

Internet Radio

Internet Radio is still quirky, even though there are a huge number of stations broadcasting across internet, certainly most of those broadcasting over the airwaves, plus many exclusive internet stations, usually dedicated to a genre.

Access is best through a "clearinghouse" website such as Reciva or vTuner or Shoutcast websites, which find and connect most quickly, although you can connect with a bit more trouble through the station's website.     

You don't need a computer,  just internet service and an access point, and a dedicated internet radio, or mobile wifi device.   A number of radios are out there, mostly off brand units.   All have their strong points and weak points.   Amazon's reviews help you compare.

It is a strong point and benefit to be able to access your computer as a media server, not just to access your mp3 library, but also podcasts, so that you can listen to a broadcast when you want.

Judging from Amazon's reviews of internet radios, not many listeners use this capability.     To provide access, you need to make sure the radio can get through the firewall, on PCs easily done with the Windows Media Player 11 by adding a library (such as the iTunes Folder) and giving access.

Then, to add specific podcasts, best is to use iTunes on the server (your main computer) and simply subscribe.    It is desirable to set iTunes settings to update frequently, such as every hour, probably for the 2-3 most recent podcasts, then make sure iTunes is "on" to receive the most current podcasts.

Podcasts can be handled in different ways, but easiest with iTunes, which is a "catcher" which actually downloads, as opposed to  just listing the latest podcasts and  streaming then when played.

The Aluratek internet radio accesses your media server and plays podcasts well.    You can skip ahead or skip back.   Not all internet radios do that.

At the top is a flowchart showing how the Aluratek is tuned.

With it you can play podcast radio shows, such as talk shows, like "The Dolans", whenever you want, and skip ahead or back at will.

Some radios are limited to the clearinghouses (above), while others allow you to access through URLs.    Those URLs may be hard to find.    A search of internet can provide the tricks of finding internet radio audio sites.

With Aluratek you can add many stations outside of the vTuner "clearinghouse" through the vTuner website.   I make the point because reviews have stated otherwise.

All this may sound a bit complicated, which it is without a few cautions, but really not technical.    It is not complicated to listen to access what comes from the "clearinghouse", only to extend beyond that to other stations and podcasts, which greatly broadens the usefulness of internet radio to you.

The end result is to have an easy to use radio which accesses almost any broadcast whenever you want it, quickly and easily.   You get to hear what you want when you want it.    If you want it where you want it, the altenative is a portable or mobile wifi device, such as a few new mobile phones.

The latter devices work best with "podcatcher" software and players which can keep your place.  Since most are not either Windows or Mac based, and are often Linux or other operating system, it is desirable to check that out before purchase.

With my mobile device, a Nokia n800, my latest podcasts of interest are automatically downloaded with an n800 podcatcher and I can stop and resume playing whenever I like.   I also use bluetooth, so that all I need for listening is a bluetooth earphone or a bluetooth stereo headset.     The stereo is not always supported with such bluetooth equipped mobile devices.   Also, bluetooth stereo is not of the quality of a wired headset, but fine for talk and Ok for much music.

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