Sunday, May 31, 2009

AAXA Mini Projector

This is a review of the AAXA Pico mini projector, based on use over a month.

Brightness: The Pico offers adequate brightness at short range in daylight at normal monitor size of 15-22". In a completely dark room, the image is bright at 24" and adequate at 42" The picture is low-resolution but certainly adequate for videos.

Convenience: The size of a pack of cigarettes, the projector is easily pocketed. Use with an iPhone/iTouch, however, is inconvenient, especially with the short cord supplied as an extra.

The device, however, can also be used alone or with iPhone/iTouch or periferals such as a digital TV tuner or the Netflix TV device. These items worked well. Use alone is most convenient.

Comparison: Since the device is marketed for use with the iPhone/iTouch, an evaluation is needed here. Does the iPhone expand the usefulness of the projector? The short answer is no.

The iPhone iTouch small screens are themselves mostly preferable for individual viewing. More important, iPhone/iTouch AV does not provide a picture to the Pico at all much of the time, for example, the desktop/springboard, Safari browser, the weather channel. The latter limitation greatly diminishes usefulness of the Pico.

Based on all the above, then, the best use of the AAXA Pico is in the dark without any other auxiliary equipment, such as for viewing a movie downloaded to it. The Pico is put to its best advantage in projecting a large picture to the ceiling in the dark, for example in a hotel room or hospital. For such use a vertical bracket would be desirable to hold it in place. A bracket is also really needed for horizontal projection.

The device looks substantial except possibly for the light rubber lens cap and the plastic battery cover. External headphones or speaker(s) are mandatory; the speaker volume is extremely low.

Summary: The Pico excels at use without other equipment in the dark, especially for overhead projection. It is not recommended here for use with the iPhone/iTouch. However, use with Netflix box might be handy. Use with a digital TV tuner worked but requires an antenna for good reception.

For seniors, such as with wheelchair and small attached screen, use is impractcial. Hopefully such uses will be developed for the handicapped..

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