Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review Your Subscriptions

You might review your subscriptions, paper and otherwise.

I switched from Comcast  to SeniorTV to save $40  month---I was paying for more than one HDTV/computer.     Then, when the price went up, I cut off NetFlix online, but kept the mail version which has more movies,   Then I cut that off, too.      I can resume for a month when movies come up that I like.           

I started up HULU, which offers a wealth of recorded TV, and subscribed to Spotify with its virtually unlimited music anywhere for iPad and iTouch.    HULU is $5.99 a month but it comes on a free trial with TIVO.    I then subscribed to TIME, paper plus Kindle, at $30 a year---works beautifully on iPad.

I do subscribe to the local Lancaster Sunday edition in paper form (it’s fun to spread it out and sit down with it), but discontinued the online daily until they offer it for the Kindle.     We get the Kindle edition of the Inquirer for $5.99 a month, and the New York Times latest news for Kindle for $1.99 a month, updated every 4 hours, a bargain.  

All in all, much better choices.     With all media, including paper, you want it so that it is available wnen YOU want it.   With libraries all over WV, it is fun to see what others are reading, like Grogan’s autobiography I browsed thru up at Spring Run but then checked out of the Lancaster library online for the Bookmobile   Some books just don’t come in eBook form yet, or are already checked out online by someone else.

The books I have published come both ways---don’t know why anyone would do it any other way.   I get the cheapest way when I buy one, lots of time an overun like TIVO for Dummies at a few dollars.  My Lulu books are free online.   Be sure to publish the stuff you are creating.

So far, Flipboard on Ipad brings me the New Yorker, The Atlantic Wire, the Economist, not to mention Facebook, and even this website, all in magazine form, all free, for now.   I get the Wall Street Journal online “TV” channel on iPad.  I read both the WSJ and NYT and LA Times on the browser..

I should add that I read the online Lifehacker website and enjoy it immensely.  Try it!

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