Sunday, November 13, 2011

EBooks and Apps

More and more, seniors would like to have the functions of a computer without all the fuss.    They would like the device to accommodate to them rather than require them to accommodate to the device.     More are therefore adopting easy-to-use tablets like the iPad and Fire.  These are, in a way, chameleons which can pretend to be a book, or a library, a guitar, a radio, a tv,  a museum, a photo album, and so on.  but the key to how to use them is choosing the right app.    The best app makes it easy, but which app to use?    For example, there are dozens of ebook apps, each covering a particular "library".     There are many more apps for media.  Then there are many tools.   And so on.    Hundreds of thousands, but you need only a few dozen.

I should get together a senior's guide to apps, which would be, in fact, a guide to how to use a tablet.   Identify the best app to access broadcasts, podcasts, download versus streamed, and so on.     Comments and suggestions will be much appreciated.

Meanwhile, until then, how do more computer literate users access the particular book or media they want, for example?    For now, I have come across an ebook search engine which I have added at right.    Or, search the Google eBookstore, or Kindle, or Nook, or Kobo, or Stanza, or iBooks----you get the idea!  Or go to ManyBooks, Gutenberg, MobiPocket, etc.