Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cases for Phones, Readers and Tablets

                With small size being important to us, you would think devices would be made so that cases were unnecessary.   Instead, they come glitzy, slippery and slithery.   The device should itself be easy to grip safely and safe to drop without breaking.    A one-hand grip would also be handy.

                These devices lose their functionality when not with you, of course.   With the wrong case you may not carry the device around and lose its benefits altogether.

                I have tried all kinds of cases, flip, zip, and so on.    

                Some flips may not protect from device sliding out accidentally.    Zips take too long to unzip.       Flips flip only one way: horizontally or vertically and make it awkward to read and hold the other way.

                You do need to be able to get at the device in a hurry.

                I use a soft rubbery silicone skin locally for most uses plus a holster for it when going somewhere with it     The holster can be clipped on a belt or laced through it.   I don’t do either, I pocket it.

                The skin is a rubbery tread type.   I don’t use any screen cover. 

                I choose so that the silicone slips in and out of the holster with a little resistance.     That means that I need to pick a holster just a bit larger than for the phone without skin

                 To accommodate the skin, I picked a larger iPhone holster case for my iPod Touch.

EReaders/7” Tablets

I never take a 7” eReader or tablet out of the case.  I don’t use a skin at all.

Which way would you like your case to open?   The latest, the Google Nexus 7, has the home screen in portrait mode only.  
            eReader/tablet cases need to provide openings for the specific tablet.    I like the book type which simply open like a book.   Preferably these also accommodate standing at an angle.    Sometimes the angle is adjustable.

There are different a angles, but 30-45 degrees work for me.     A back tab holder works better than an adjustable angle stand which may slip.     Which way do you want it to prop up?

                A snap closer is a benefit.

10” Tablets

                I do not carry my iPad around., but I do have a cheap case which props it up.   Keyboard cases make it even bulkier.   
    The Apple triangular holder /covers work for others     Too awkward for me.

                Cases found on eBay sometimes lack something not obvious, whereas those on Amazon are accompanied by comments.   If buying a case, read those comments, especially the 1-3 star comments.  Disregard trivial carps.

                There you will find that cases can be very cheap indeed, often just a few dollars and just as good as the $30-40 cases in the stores.   Direct from Hong King or Shenzhen worked for me.

                Amazon fulfillment is a bit more of a safety than otherwise.