Monday, August 6, 2012

Voice and Video

Speech recognition and video are good enough on the Nexus 7 Google tablet to be used frequently for searching, EMail, messaging, and video phoning.   That covers a lot.    Then there is Assistant, which carries out many voice actions, such as checking the weather or starting an app.  Finally there is text to speech.   The last might be useful if you have a vision problem.  
This is good thing, since entering and reading text is not always entirely comfortable. 
To send an EMail, you just speak out “Send EMail”, then dictate your message.  Even better is to dictate send a voice plus video message which shows up from the receiver’s EMail, from which it plays.   I have used the Tango app for both uses.     It was a breeze to set up.  
Tango wants your telephone number for ID, but that number does not need to be the number you use on the Nexus.   For phoning the  Nexus needs WiFi.  The person your are calling also needs Tango.
Tango is also available for Apple devices, which makes it doubly useful.
Today a new app came out to use voice input and output for GPS in the car.  It is called Robin.