Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Windows 8

Should you upgrade to Windows 8.
Regardless of your misgivings about Windows, the upgrade available late this month will be only $45 and can probably run on Windows 7 newer  computers.
However, if you are not a accustomed to smartphones and tablets, you may find it confusing.
One nice thing about it is that we do not need to deal with endless talk about viruses.  AV is bullt-in.  The problem heretofore has been that Windows was never designed for internet and networks, and misinformation abounds about malware.
For ease of use and safety and support, Apple IOS is better, but $$$.
Meanwhile tablets are starting to become more and more capable.The Android system for tablets derives from Bell Labs Unix and was designed for networks like Bell’s phone system.
So, is downsizing Windows for smaller devices the right way to go?  Or should go to grown-up cellphone and tablet software such as Android?
For low cost, I like the simpler and safer Android tablets.
But I will nonetheless upgrade to Windows 8.
Revision 10-29-2012:
I canceled my order for a Windows 8 update disc after watching a presentation by Microsoft.   It is not so much that I have any concerns about it or its cost---I just don’t need it to do anything new, especially with its new complexities.   Windows 7 is just fine, and for a tablet I need only the Nexus 7.