Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Free Audiobooks to Listen to Every Day

If you want or need books read to you, new ones appear nearly every day.   Keep up by going to (click or tap for) Librivox for a listing of the the latest releases, all free.

This is a great but underused resource for those with poor vision, and for "company" while lying abed, and while exercising with a portable player, and for your "reading circle", and not to mention while using your tablet.

(You can even read a (public domain) book and contribute it.)

Click or tap here for how to listen.

Note: I keep up with new books and everything else by using Google Reader.  Google Reader automatically advises me or what's new in my areas of interest.   On my tablet all it takes is a tap to get its listing of what's new.     Click or tap here for for a video on how to set up Google Reader.   (You may need a friend to help set it up initially).    Click or tap for another helpful link.

Another way to keep track of what's new is to use If This Then That (IFTTT).  Click or tap for the IFTTT webpage.   For example, you could have it so that by choosing a "recipe" that recipe would alert you when a new eBook was added to the Kindle Top 100 Free Books.  The same tool can alert you to all sorts of other things, such as a new listing for an item you are looking for in Craigslist.