Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When all else fails...

When all else fails...

 What do you do when all else fails, such as when Windows is corrupted and you lose access to the computer and your stuff. 

In other words, what do you do when you have not backed up your files or unwittingly allowed a virus into your Windows computer, or when the hard drive starts to fail . Like in a car, what do you do when you have not worn a seatbelt , and have been otherwise reckless, but with your computer.

It is best, of course, not to get into such a situation and to take preventive measures so that these things do not happen. 

But sometimes important documents are left hanging in the balance. 

There is now newly the capability of at least rescuing a few documents. With a specially prepared USB memory stick, it is possible to get at files and rescue some of them. The USB stick can actually bring up something that looks like Windows and operate like Windows. It can even simulate a particular version of Windows. 

It is largely immune from viruses and can even eliminate Windows viruses. It can be installed and used in place of Windows. It can run on old computers. 

This specially prepared flash drive is set up best with Zorin software, a version of Linux which adapts itself well to most machines. In most cases it will recognize WiFi, printers, and soundcards automatically. It will boot from the computer with a screen that looks like Windows. It will automatically detect and display your Windows files. 

Then, and this is the important part, it will enable you to save these lost files either to another drive or better, to Dropbox, which will put them on the cloud for easy access from anywhere. Dropbox is installed from your browser and works like a local drive.

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 It may even be possible to run anti-virus software and clean up your Windows system to run again. 

You can also just install your own Zorin in place of Windows and enjoy its speed and safety. 

Ferreting out folders and files will take time, of course, by the user, who needs to acquaint or reacquaint himself with using files, and who alone knows which important files to retrieve. All of this also underlines the desirability of taking preventive measures to avoid such time consuming work. 

There is, however, the added benefit that Zorin may become the preferred operating system to Windows. There is the possibility of running Zorin entirely on the USB stick and dispensing with the hard drive altogether, which may be corrupted anyway. That also makes the system and files portable to any other computer.

Zorin can even run some Windows applications, though Linux applications run just as well and cost nothing, such is word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications. Also more and more applications run from the cloud, even Windows Live apps like Word, etc. 

Zorin eliminates exposure to Windows viruses and malware. It is also free. You may never notice the differences, and wind up switching to a sounder, safer, stabler, faster operating system. 

Tao or click below for the process of setting up and using Zorin or having someone do it for you so that all you will need to do is insert the flash drive and reboot your computer, and start work.

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Dictated and published from my Nexus 7.