Thursday, October 10, 2013

How Do I Learn to Use a Tablet?

How do I Learn to Use a Tablet?

This question is coming more and more from more and more seniors.

The easy way is to be a Willow Valley resident, as Willow Valley is training its residents to use tablets.   The first session, with 20 slots, was attended by 42!! residents and supported by three WV computer professionals, 5 resident helpers, and available iPad Minis.  There will be four more sessions this month.
More resources are needed, and I will unearth them here as time goes by.

For now, tap or click on this link for Apple’s (iPad and iPod Touch) iOS7  Guide.

(If you are just now switching to IOS7, be sure to acquaint yourself with changes in“swipes” and home button usage before starting to use it.)

And tap or click here for Google’s (Nexus 7) Android 4.3 Guide

Other tablets are also being supported.

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