Sunday, November 3, 2013

Memory Failures

Like seniors, computers sometimes come up with short memory. If you are a computer user you may actually unwittingly be the culprit. You may be asking the computer to do too much.

The computer only has space for so much memory just like seniors.

When memory is running short problems occur. When overloaded, the computer puts things where they are harder to get, in slow memory.

This week one resident had a problem with his screen freezing up, another had a problem with slowups, still another had a problem with an unresponsive touchpad on a tablet. Finally one resident came up with a clue to these other problems by noticing that his computer kept telling him that he had low memory.

How can you be the culprit?

Well, for one thing you might be opening too many web page tabs in your browser.

Now you could always add more RAM memory and this is often the popular solution. In fact, computers are often sold on the basis of how much RAM they have.

With a little care though you can make even a cheap or old computer with slow RAM perform quickly.

For example, in the Chrome browser you can install a plugin which automatically limits to 6 tabs.

You can also limit the number of programs in Windows under start up. These run all the time and can be entirely eliminated and run only when needed.

Approaches like this made it possible for me to run Windows 8.1 quickly on a touch tablet under $300.

On some tablets it is easy enough to go to settings, rank applications by memory size, and simply delete those with the most memory and least interest.

On an iPad you can double tap the home button and swipe programs away.

On Windows 8 at the top left screen you can swype or use the mouse to display the programs that are open and delete all that you are not immediately using.

The last also helped me use an inexpensive laptop to perform well with Windows 8. If a Windows device is very low on RAM memory, it is even possible to plug in a USB stick or SD card to add a bit more memory if needed.

Taking care with memory will eliminate a lot of your computer problems even if you have little other technical knowledge. It may also save you from needing to buy another computer just to overcome such problems.

To find out exactly how to do it Google for more information.

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