Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cleaning House of Computers

Now and then I need to clean house of computers, discard the old, and adopt the new.

My recent housecleaning has been the biggest ever.

Out went the old Windows computers, software, and peripherals. Bang!!

The old Windows computers were especially popular because of Windows 8 and sold for very close to what I had paid for them years ago.

The Chromebook laptops I replaced them with cost much less and are now far superior in my view.

Old printers went for more than new wireless printers. Old tablets, too. The tablets market is hot, even for older tablets.

Some old printers use cheaper ink and are therefore still valued. I don't print that much. My $35 Canon beats all the old printers and is a wonder. My old lookalike went for $90.

Old smartphones  and contract plans were were dropped like a hot potato. Worth more gone than kept.

The Moto G smartphone now does most of my computer work at a very low monthly cost of from 5 to 25 dollars, switchable.

My entire computer activity centers now on this smartphone after a series of very unsatisfactory phones.

The reason is that it is the easiest to use of all my equipment and is always there wherever and whenever I need it.

I really need only my Nexus 7 and I added an iPad Air after having disposed of an iPad Mini I did not like for small print.

Of what remains, the Moto G is the most used by far followed by my 14 inch HP Chromebook. The iPad, of course, does things none of the others do.

I try just about everything that comes down the road and work with others a lot so I am familiar with just about all equipment.

I suspect that most users will in time come to similar decisions. It is a new world.

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