Saturday, May 2, 2015


If you are comfortable with the intricacies of setting up a router, you might want to install an Asus RT-n56u.

This router supports the uncrowded 5  gigahertz band and works also as a print server and data server, while offering the highest speed internet connection. I picked one up for $40. (This is a lot less than run of mill routers going for $150 and up.)

If you have more than a single device using wifi, this is absolutely the best way to go. It makes your printer and library available to everything.

Setup requires a PC or Mac. Browse for a YouTube video on how to do it or simply download the manual from Asus. As routers go, this was the easiest set up yet by far.

Basically, you plug in between your internet service and your Ethernet jack, type 192. 168. 1. 1 to your browser, login with admin, password admin, and follow the clean and clear instructions.

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