Sunday, October 25, 2015


My experience with helping seniors ranges from one extreme to the other.

One 95-year-old woman who had never used a computer was computer literate within an hour, exclaiming "oh, look at what I can DO!"

Another scolded me for encouraging her to get a smartphone.   "It took me all night to learn to use it".

But others just say "I just don't get it".

So how do we learn?

I faced a block when I needed to minor in history in graduate school.    I hated history and thought I had a poor memory.

The History Department head offered to help me.   Simply, he asked me to memorize 50 dates.   That's all.    That simple exercise gave me the "hooks" I needed to pull everything together.     I never had to work at memorizing dates again.    I went to top of the department's classes.

So it is selective memory you need.    Your brain will automatically connect and remember if you give it a few dozen mental landmarks.  

Tap or click for a site to get grounded if you are new at computers.

Or tap or click for a $.99 ebook on how to use your brain to learn.

Another highly effective way to learn to use a computer is to sit alongside someone else who knows how.   I learned programming that way.

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