Monday, August 8, 2016

Getting the right phone

Getting the right phone is not really a question of getting the right phone. It is more a question of getting the right computer.

That is because the right phone is not just a phone but your next computer.
So you just pick out the right phone, right?

No, you first pick up the right service plan.

You do not want a contract plan ($$$) OR a "prepaid no contract" ($$) plan.   You want a plan that works with unlocked phones ($).

And, before choosing that plan, you need to determine the amount of data you will use when away from WiFi.

The amount of data will also determine the usefulness of the device.

That amount will also determine the majority of your cost.

Basically, you will pay $10 per gigabyte, and your use in gigabytes needs to be determined before selecting a carrier.

For casual users 1-2  GB per month, even 500 MB, is enough. That gives you enough data for traffic information from Waze en route. That Waze app is a must for seniors.

To use the browser widely, away from WiFi, however you will probably want up to 5 GB per month.

So how do we get the least cost service?  Let's say down to $25 a month or less.

I have experience with Republic Wireless, FreedomPop, Pure Talk, and Tello, TBP, and Ting.
Some of these enable you to tailor your use right down to your monthly number of calls, number of texts, and data.

Now, you will need an unlocked phone and not every unlocked phone works with every service.   The provider will advise and may supply the phone.

Dictated in a normal noisy environment while waiting for car repair.

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