Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Odds and Ends, Old and New

Windows 10 is working very well for me now with both old and new equipment. The old tower needed a boost of memory to four gigabytes but is slowed down a bit by its obsolete mechanical spinning hard drive. A cheap new tablet does better with an ssd drive.

Lack of Windows printer drivers for my old printers led me to need to run Linux.    Linux Mint 17 runs extremely well on an old computer which can no longer run Windows.   Similarly, an  Intel Compute Stick serves the same purpose with an old monitor.  These can be had for $40.

But for everyday use a Chromebook is much more reliable and faster.

Even better is a new smartphone.

It is an enigma for me that seniors have difficulties switching to smartphones.    These are real liberating computers which address a fear of all seniors. That fear is to be cut off from Independence.

Still the learning curve appears to be steep though short.   Hang in there and use the past links on my website to find help.

Newly I have found a really great book to get started and available cheap in the next to newest edition.

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