Wednesday, October 19, 2016

More on Using Chromebooks with Printers

Chromebooks are the cheapest and speediest laptops, now becoming the standard in schools, as with seniors.

The problem with Chromebooks is that in order to print, the main way has been Cloudprint.  Cloudprint sends your job up to the cloud and back to your printer.

The problem with Cloudprint is that on an old coax cable system such as we have here at Willow Valley, 70 year old technology never designed for the cloud or computers, let alone internet, there are problems such as delays.

There is one alternative that works better simply by transmitting your print job within your own router as opposed thru the cabling.

This is newly available only on selected HP printers.   Once it is set up it works better than Cloudprint.

The problem is that the HP setup is horrendous.   Probably the worst part of the setup is the documentation which seems to be changing as HP printers get updated.  Forget the documentation.

Just two things need to happen to accomplish the alternative.

  1. The printer needs to be installed  On those HP printers which have touchscreen control panels the printer address can be installed to your router.      If there are problems with that approach, the printer can be setup on Windows, ideally first downloading the latest installation software for HP.

  1. Once that is done, the particular laptop needs to be set up with the HP app to connect to that printer address, an IP number something like this:  Each Chromebook must be set up separately

You could also simply go out and use the Willow Valley copying machine in the kiosks. That procedure is horrendous, and there are no IT instructions about how to do it.   Essentially, ignore the techspeak and just enter your resident five-digit ID where called for, and, when you get to the copying machine, tap on apps.  

Ideally we will see these problems disappear as smartphone apps come to Chromebooks soon.

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