Friday, October 13, 2017

How to Create a Presentation in Keynote on iPad

Keynote for iPad offers a simple way of creating a presentation.

So although it is the ultimate in usability, how to use it as not intuitive from the start screen.   The key it is in those two little plus + signs,  one at bottom left and one at the top right.    Their function should have been much more clearly identified.

When using Keynote on iPad you are first shown the following screen.

This is the text entry screen for the first slide.

This slide can be created by double tapping to edit, and then tapping on the microphone icon on the keyboard and dictating the content.

Left bottom tapping on that little plus + then opens templates for the subsequent slides..

You choose the template for the next slide by tapping on it.

(Scroll down.)


You then enter text or tap on an image to replace it with a picture or text slide.

(Scroll down.)


That is done by tapping on either text or image.   Double tapping on a text block enables text editing. and then tapping on an image takes you to the plus + menu at top right of your screen.

There you can choose a picture or a document from the library of pictures and documents you have created earlier either by photographing them or creating or by downloading other documents or webpages.

(Scroll down.)


That’s the process which repeats as you add each slide.
When done creating slides, you rearrange them by dragging and dropping into position at left.

You can tap on the okay I saw that bagm to run transitions, but that is optional.

To run your slideshow, tap on the arrow at top.    That could have been more clearly identified, too.

Once in the presentation, you can slide left or right to advance  to the next slide or go back to a slide, and give your talk.

All it takes then is to plug in the cable to your theater projector

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