Friday, November 24, 2017

New TV? Whoops

Getting a brand new TV?

Puzzled about adding headsets and speakers?

In any given TV you may be in for a surprise!

It may not be possible to plug in that headset.    You may find that all you have is an optical TOSLINK output port.    These are quite new.     Most sound devices do not accommodate them.   

So for any new TV,  it is best to investigate settings before buying.      On your LG controller, For example, look for a gear icon and press the button.      Then scroll down to sounds.    Tap.    Scroll up and down the options and look for things like Bluetooth

Even the very same brand may have different capabilities with slightly different model numbers.

There may be nothing but optical connections.    There may be Bluetooth or not.   There may  be the old RCA connectors, or not.   There maybe the old 3.5 mm stereo jack, or not.

Fortunately,  all can accommodated for your headset,  but sometimes an adapter or converter is needed.

Bluetooth is especially handy since it works with a variety of sound devices.      Optical converters are available to provide it.

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