Thursday, April 5, 2018

Learn to Do It All With Voice

 As more and more seniors use smartphones, too many of them still flounder with their fingers  to accomplish things the old hard way when the use of voice input (speech) newly makes everything ten times easier.   Yes 10x.

The use of voice has come on so quickly that many are still unaware of  the beauty of using voice or are at least uncertain as to how to use it.

Often the older phone has not been updated for voice.   This is done under settings and may require activation.

For iPhones Siri needs to be installed.     For Android phones Google + Google Assistant are needed.      Windows phones are dead but do indeed have Cortana for voice use.   Cortana can also be used on Android phones.

Don't know how to use text messaging?.      Simply hold down the home button on the iPhone and say “Send a text message” and the iPhone will guide you through it by talking to you..   Google will do the same.

The same voice commands will set an event in your calendar,  set up navigation, look up information. Simple.

Learn to do it!


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